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The advocacy for the homeless children Uganda is a registered non-governmental community based organization located in Kanyashande village of friendship, Buhoma Town council, Kanungu district adjacent to Bwindi Gorilla Conservation Area in Uganda.

 It was formed and established in 2018, after realizing the need to support the homeless and other disadvantaged categories of children with poor living standards just surviving as squatters and upon noticing that poverty is the most prevalent hindrance to their empowerment; and upon identification of the lack of capacity building, advocacy and networking among the needy children for resource mobilization as an effective and efficient work force, as a homeless empowerment participatory campaign group to expose the advocacy pertaining plights of the homeless and other disadvantaged children to the world.

We struggle to develop social and economic development in destitute communities and committed to uniting and mobilizing people around us for transforming lives of their precious children through basic education and lucrative self help projects.

Advocacy for the homeless children Uganda majorly focuses on each segment of the person and community development activities through implementation of activities but not limited to; education, self help projects, housing for the homeless who have become squatters, child evangelism fellowships to strengthen religious morals, compassion, emergency relief, preservation and excursion of culture through music dance and drama, tourists’ visits and jaunt to some of our projects among other legal activities.

However, the major goal of this organization is to uphold a bountiful education program through sponsorship scheme for the very poor disadvantaged children not limited to; children with disabilities, abandoned children (bustards), children born in very poor families among others to get access to opportunity to study for self-sustenance.

Our aim is to create a dedicated and self-motivated opportunities with total integrity, continuously identify and address plights of the children as well as enhancing our donors’ returns through maximizing efficiency, transparency, reliability and exploring to the needy children new opportunities to achieve a better living.

Advocacy for the homeless children Uganda is a visionary community based organization and in position to identify and address the challenges of young generations to the world community for financial support and contribution and better assistance in education and self help projects; and always serves individuals and families in nastiest communities adjacent to Bwindi National park.

Our philosophy is a unique strategy; even to bring up and secure children in different social economic procedures. The philosophy of education by this organization is the emphasis on total person, cognitively and technically that education is for head, heart and hands.

Advocacy for the homeless children Uganda is aimed at inducing a sustainable impact in the destitute areas through its holistic approach.

We intend to reach and cause development in poorest families, orphaned homes in destitute communities through development tailored programs in:

  1. Education;

Research from the Ugandan ministry of education indicates that out of 100% of children, only 30% complete their education. Even among the 30%, others do not complete their secondary education to the institutions or universities for the pursuit of other careers due to many problems such as child or family neglect, poverty, corrupt leadership, violent acts, domestic labor due to low awareness of civic rights, discrimination among others.

In other words, this is particularly true in rural areas where costs of both primary and secondary education are too expensive. Furthermore, most children from remote areas do not access near schools, so they travel long distances to schools where a number of challenges is faced by them for instance; hunger (starvation), accidents along the way, fatigue, irregular class attendance leading to poor academic standards and school dropouts.

It’s against this background that we decided to start SPONSORSHIP SCHEME.

Therefore, it is necessary to design strategies to improve the enrollment of disadvantaged children in destitute communities for primary and secondary education, which should include getting or building schools where they should be majority, to provide high quality education within a close walk able distance, reducing fatigue and overcoming other related challenges that have been faced by children in remote areas.

For those who have missed chances of going to school for higher education and have stopped at primary level, should be included in skilling education program where those with no education back ground have a chance to acquire skills that range from being an agriculturalist, wood mechanist to a florist.


There are three contact sessions (terms) in a year. Each term covers three months. Therefore, schools fees are covered on a term basis, but the sponsor parents can decide to cover all the school dues for a year.

The following are frequently asked questions;

  1. How do I start sponsoring a child?
  2. Simply choose a name on the list or do it on request to choose for you the neediest child, fill out and return the sponsorship agreement form to us to begin your child sponsorship.

2. Who can sponsor?

–   Anyone can be a sponsor. This may include (but not limited to) individuals, school groups, families, churches and community groups.

3. Does the donation really gets to the child?

– Yes

4. How does the child benefit from the money I provide?

– 90% of the donation goes direct to the students’ educational costs such as room, board, examinations, transport, school fees and others. Then 10% is allocated for administrative costs such as book keeping, internet, postal costs, and international correspondence e.t.c

5. How can I correspond and even visit my sponsored child

– Sponsors are strongly encouraged to communicate with their children via email and letters two to four times a year and we help to facilitate this process.


We encourage you to touch a life as one way of transforming lives. We also encourage well-wishers to rally with us such that together we can make a difference. We all aim higher doing the right thing at the right time with the pledge to being mindful of others. We shall be honored roughly for your time of being compassionate and hope you will keep an inspiration to us that: you learned to give not because you have many but you know exactly how it feels to have nothing.

So little deeds of kindness, little words of love help to make a nasty child happy. We value your feedback with encouragement words and developmental ideas on further to enhance this program.

For more information you may contact;

emmyjerome4@gmail.com / ahomelesschildug@gmail.com

Telephone: +256 777 304 264.

Advocacy for the Homeless Children – Uganda

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