Support US

Thank you in advance

In general, monetary donations are better for us than donated items. We can buy most of the things that we need in Kampala and it is always better to have a regular supplier rather than random items from overseas.

If people would prefer not to give money then there are some items that we would use:

Useful items to bring/send to us

Computing equipment:

Laptop computers for staff to use –we also have no Internet connection and staff members are limited as we only have 2 computers between many people. We prefer new or refurbished laptops/Ipads in good condition that can be used for a longer period of time.

-8 port Switches to branch Ethernet connections for wired network-Access Points or routers to make an extended wireless network-

Home plug 1.0 -a device that transmits power and network signal over regular electrical grids. They work in pairs or more.-

Optical Mice and Keyboards.

2. Other useful items-

  • Torches and Lamps
  • Exercise Books, Pens, Pencils
  • Clothes
  • Mountain Bikes

For Direct Transfers


(a)Title of the Bank: CENTENARY RURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK LTD.         

(b)Bank address: PLOT 44-46 KAMPALA ROAD &PLOT 2 BURTON STREET, P.O BOX 1892, KAMPALA, UGANDA.            

(c)Swift Code: CERBUGKA.        

(d) Bank Code: 16.                   

(e) Beneficiary account name: ADVOCACY FOR THE HOMELESS CHILDREN UGANDA.            

(f) A/c number: 3202949914.      

(g)Branch: KANUNGU.

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