Some of the projects we have are as follows:               

1. Fish keeping; with 4 fish ponds.        2. Rabbit keeping.            3. Piggery and gardening.   

Our Fish farming is  an  innovative  project  run  by  homeless children fish farmers as  a  community-based  sustainability  project  that  will  provide  the  tools  and resources needed by children, youth, women, and other interested local  people to fight poverty and improve on the livelihood and health, to feed themselves, their families, and their communities.    This  Fish  farming  project  is  also  aimed  at  improving  the  nutrition  of the  local  people  and  the  neighboring  communities  by  providing  cheap  source  of  fish protein, and by putting to ultimate self-sustaining use of the available potential places of small scale fish farming in the Bwindi area. The project has already started with two fish ponds but without proper breeds of fish fingerlings.

Our Piggery Project: In 2018, we started with three pigs – two female and one male. All of them were of the Local breed. We looked after them well because we realized that was the only way to get money out of them.

The pigs did not disappoint. The breed we reared delivered an average 6 piglets, twice a year. And soon, we had many piglets for sale. To improve and maintain the quality, we are now seeking donations so that we but for these homeless children better breeds such as the Camborough breed from one of the pig farms in Bwindi.


Village tour/jaunt (a short excursion or journey made for pleasure) to the projects, there u learn different local fishing and preservation methods; then meet local dancing group of kids with delectable informative dances  and songs enriched with culture.

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